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Sammy Welcomes Saga Survey

Sammy Wilson has welcomed the recent survey by Saga which shows its support for Brexit is hardening as optimism about our economy and its future outside the EU grows.
In every region across the United Kingdom, apart from London, support for leaving the EU has grown.
In Northern Ireland the remain lead has been reduced from 7% to 1% and 41% of those polled are now more positive about leaving the EU than what they had been.
Despite all of the propaganda that has been pumped out by the BBC, especially in an attempt to re-run the referendum campaign, the economic performance of the United Kingdom, the comments from other major nations across the world who are now looking forward into trade deals with the United Kingdom and the exposure of the false forecasts that were made by the remain camp during the election campaign in respect of economic growth, investment, interest rates, house prices etc, have all contributed to this more positive attitude.
As a Member of the Brexit Committee in the House of Commons I am pleased that even many of the remainers who are on the Committee have now made it clear their aim is to ensure that we make a success of Brexit and I believe that in a number of years time we will look back on the decision on the 23rd of June as a decision which lead to the liberation of our economy and to the laying of a foundation for a very prosperous future for our country. 
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