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Transport Policy Must Give Greater Attention To The Potential Of Motorcycles
Sammy Welcomes Government U Turn On Self Employed Tax
Sammy Condemns Carrick Violence 
Statement On BT Price Hike To Screen Football Will Impact On Customers
Sammy's Response To The Spring Budget 2017
Sammy Says : Adams Shows What Life Under The Sinn Fein Jackboot Will Be Like
Sammy Welcomes Brexit Committee Report On Status Of EU Nationals In UK & UK Nationals In EU
£450m Loss Per Year On Renewable Energy Scheme And No Interest From The BBC
Sammy Questions Defense Minister About Security Lapses
Sammy Raises Biased Approach To Coverage Of Assembly Elections By The BBC.
Junckers Is Bonkers If He Thinks The UK Is Going To Pay £60bn To Leave The EU
From Dirty Dancing To Dirty Politics That's The Alliance Party
Call Off Political Witch Hunt Against Security Force Members Who Served In N.I.
Sammy Says The Assembly Election Reopens Brexit Debate
SNP Sinn Fein In Kilts
Sammy Says Sinn Fein's Financial Time Bomb Will Cause Economic Havoc
Sammy Urges Community Organisation Applications To The National Lottery
Sammy Welcomes Action On Children In Calais Camp 
America's Immigration Policy Is Its Own Affair
Sammy Questions BBC Fairness In Reporting of RHI Scheme
Sammy Says Ignore N.I.s Women Against Democracy
Sammy's Statement On Elections
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