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Sammy slams Labour Party over Brexit negotiations strategy
Speaking in the House of Commons on 17 January Sammy praised the Government for sending out a clear message to EU countries that the UK would not lie down in the face of intransigence during negotiations on the UK exit from the EU.
It is good that the Chancellor made it clear, that in the event of the EU taking a hard line on trade arrangements in order to punish the UK for daring to vote to leave the EU, the UK would retaliate. It is right that we should use our fiscal freedom and legislative powers to defend our economy and to point out that the EU would suffer more from such actions than the UK would. If we were to be shut out of EU markets then EU firms would be shut out of the UK market and by becoming a low tax economy on the edge of Europe we would attract businesses from the high tax, over regulated EU countries.
Sammy slammed the Labour Party for its condemnation of the use of this threat on the basis that it could lead to a trade war between the UK and the EU. It shows a total lack of judgement to casually throw away these valuable economic levers and by refusing to countenance the use of these powerful economic deterrents the Labour party was only encouraging the EU to be intransigent in negotiations.  
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