Brexit 13

 Sammy Said Westminster Vote Designed To Wreak UK's Exit From EU


Despite the protestations from those who proposed amendment to the European Withdrawal bill on 13 December 2017 that they only wanted to establish the primacy of Parliament, it was clear from the jubilation of those who openly oppose the EU referendum result that they had far different motivations. The fact remains as I pointed out during the debate, the proposal to stop any legislative preparation for leaving the EU until Parliament has held a vote on the terms of the withdrawal agreement and the demand that Parliament could force the UK to stay in the EU until it was satisfied with the agreement, will ensure that the referendum wreakers have the means to get their way.


At the very least the vote will prolong uncertainty as the Government will be unable to proceed with legislation which could give assurances to businesses about the regulatory framework they will be working under and EU citizens living in the UK will not have the legal certainty about their status.


At the very worst it will enable those MP’s who want to keep the UK in the EU completely or partially to wilfully block a deal and force the Government into the impossible position to go back cap in hand to the EU for new terms. In fact EU negotiators now have every incentive to give a really bad deal to the UK, hurting major industries, demanding more money, imposing draconian conditions knowing that it will give those in Parliament who wish to block any exit especially the SNP, Lib Dems and the Labour Party as well as some Tories the excuse to do so.


As some of those who spoke on the amendment said, the UK would simply have to delay our leaving date and go back into negotiations, negotiations in which we would have no leverage or credibility. Delay is now the name of the game. That is why it is so important that the Government put into the bill a legally binding date for us to leave the EU so that it is clear that wreaking tactics will result in us leaving and continuing our trading relationship on world trade organisation terms. Since those terms would be disadvantageous for the EU with its trading surplus with the UK it would give us some advantage in longer term discussions about a trade deal.


So far during the passage of the bill to take us out of the EU the votes of the DUP have been vital in nearly half the divisions and between now and Christmas there will be other vital votes including the inclusion of a definite leaving date in the bill an amendment which we will be supporting. The real fight to deliver the will of the people has started in earnest this setback highlights the importance of the DUP in this battle where slim majorities may be the order of the day.  
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