Brexit 2

Leaving The Single Market Will Help The United Kingdom Become Stronger 
Sammy has welcomed the Prime Minister's statement, which details that Britain will leave the single market.
Sammy, who sits on Westminster's Brexit Committee said, "Brexit was undoubtedly a momentous occasion for the United Kingdom. It was a UK wide, democratic vote which signalled Britian's exit from the European Union.
Today we have seen a further commitment from the Prime Minister which clearly sets out her vision for the UK, outside the shackles of unelected bureaucracy which has crippled the UK since it entered the EU. The Prime Minister recognises that Britain is already a strong economy which can exist beyond the borders of EU outside the single market. We are a growing global trading nation and should continue to be so. Her statement will give the business community more certainty and we welcome her clarity on the Government's Brexit plans.
I further welcome that the Prime Minister has set out her plan for an ambitious Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, whilst here in Northern Ireland we will also maintain the Common Travel Area with the Republic. It must be pointed out we are leaving the European Union not the Europe. Sinn Fein and others complain that her statement will mean a hard border, however they now have no input as a result of bringing Assembly down.
Her statement also noted the strength of the Union. No Brexit negotiations will weaken the Union. In these days when Sinn Fein would prefer to create instability in Northern Ireland with their Trojan horse agenda, the Prime Minister is clear that the Union is precious and will be protected. I thank the Prime Minister for her commitment to the Union which will be stronger than ever as a result of Brexit.
The doom and gloom that surrounded Brexit has not come to pass. Now it is important to continue upon building a prosperous and strong UK outside of the EU - something which the Prime Minister is committed to doing. From the very start she noted strongly that Brexit means Brexit.
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