Brexit 3

Sammy Welcomes May's Interference-Free Future For The UK  

Sammy has welcomed the comments made by the Prime Minister at Davos regarding the bright future for a truly globally based UK economy once we escape the dead hand of the EU. Not only will the UK economy as a whole benefit but Northern Ireland will also reap the benefits of being no longer tied to the business wreaking rules of the single market and the trade blocking constrictions of the customs union. Hundreds of thousands of sensible people voted for this in Northern Ireland and after the new Assembly elections only the DUP will be devoted to helping the Prime Minister to deliver on it.
I know that even some of those who voted to remain are now accepting that the best route forward is to get a deal and get out of the EU as quickly as possible. They are heartened by the fact that none of the predictions by the IMF, The Treasury, the Bank of England and the EU financed consultancy firms about the collapse of our economy have come to pass.
In fact growth rates for the economy have been upgraded, unemployment is the lowest for ten years, the stock market is booming, exports are soaring and new trade deals are already being promised. The peoples’ choice has proved to be a wise one. Ironically Sinn Fein who have complained most about Brexit, have ensured that there will be no input from Northern Ireland into the negotiations with the EU because the Executive and Assembly will not be in place to make any comment. Equally as a result of their hatred of UK membership they have ensured that the eight DUP votes in Westminster which we will use with great effect to aid the PM in getting Article 50, the Great Repeal Bill and the final leaving deal through Parliament, will have even greater effect because the Sinn Fein votes will not be there to counter our impact.
So much for the great Sinn Fein strategists. No wonder they complained about having to work with the DUP in Government. Their gripe is nothing to do with DUP arrogance, lack of respect, or denial of equality their inability to get what they wanted was due to their own incompetence and inability to take tough decisions in face of even the limited opposition from People before Profit. That is why we have no budget Martin O’Muilleoir ran scared in the face of the mocking criticism from Eammon McCann.
Obviously Sinn Fein are hopeful that they can have a re run of last year’s election to give them more bargaining power over the Prime Minister in relation to exempting Northern Ireland from Brexit as well as furthering their republican agenda in Northern Ireland. The fact that they have blocked any inquiry in to the RHI scheme and will not support measures to cut spending on it confirms that the issue is only an excuse for a wider agenda. As we did before so after this election the DUP will be the main bulwark against their all too transparent plans and in two years time we will stand proudly with the Prime Minister in delivering a healthy Northern Ireland economy free from the stifling hand of the EU.  
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