Brexit 4

Supreme Court judgement brings clarity on EU
Sammy, who is a member of the Brexit committee said “It is disappointing that the Supreme Court has not found in the Government's favour and has given the ability to those anti-democratic losers within the remain camp to conduct a parliamentary guerrilla warfare against the decision by the people of the United Kingdom to leave the EU. At least today's ruling has meant there will be no veto to the devolved administrations which belong to the UK.
It would have been totally irrational to have the Northern Ireland Assembly, Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament, dictate the direction in which the nation should go after such a clear and decisive vote.
The battle now commences at Westminster and as far as the DUP is concerned, we will be using our votes and voice to ensure a rapid commencement on the negotiations to leave the EU, completely as the Prime Minister promised, while at the same time ensuring that in the absence of any Assembly voice on the issues most concerning to NI are articulated by our MPs.
Sinn Fein and those Opposition parties which produced the crisis to bring down the Assembly have ensured that the mechanism set up to deal with NI specific issues have been effectively scuppered. However, the DUP will hold the fort to ensure the UK will leave the EU and at the same time take part in negotiations with the same stance on Brexit, reflecting the issues affecting us."
DUP Parliamentary leader Rt Hon Nigel Dodds also stated, "The people of the UK made their decision in June, the British people have spoken and their Parliament will respect that. Today's verdict brings clarity on the matter.
We expect the Government to bring forward legislation which will deliver the Brexit the DUP campaigned for, and which will be in the national interest. It is vital to get this work in the Parliament right and we will ensure that it does. At Westminster the duty on politicians and the government alike is clear. Other European countries have had their will denied and overturned at Brussels, by being made to vote and vote again.
The DUP campaigned for Brexit and we believe we are stronger outside the shackles of the European Union. We voted as a whole to leave the EU and that vote must be continually respected."
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