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EU Ruling Will Require Householders To Take Out Car Insurance On Ride On Lawn Mowers 

Sammy has raised concerns about the impact of a ruling by the European Court Of Justice that will require the UK Government to introduce legislation which will require all motorised vehicles whether used on the road or not to have motor car insurance.
I have raised the issue with the Transport Minister who I trust will ignore this ruling now that the UK is breaking free of the mad house which is the EU. In September the EU commission was forcing the Irish Republic to collect tax that it did not want now it is going to force householders to take out motor insurance on their ride on lawnmowers.
The problem arises from a judgement made by the European Court of Justice two years ago when a case was taken to the ECJ by an individual who had been injured by a tractor in a field. The ECJ ruled that the owner should have had the tractor insured even though it was not on the road and that all motorised vehicles whether being used solely on private land or not must be insured. After two years national governments are obliged to legislate for such rulings and since it was made in Oct 2014 it should become law in the UK this year. Since the EU Commission has not made any exemptions it covers everything from trials bikes, racing events and ride on lawn mowers.
I trust that the Transport Minister will resist this piece of EU nonsense especially since we will soon be free of such mad impositions. The implication for motor sport events, moto cross racing which is popular in East Antrim and individual households is horrendous. Even if insurance was available it would be wildly expensive especially for vehicles used in sporting events and since these activities have their own event insurance the requirement is superfluous anyhow.
Every day the EU fanatics make the case for the UK breaking free of this over regulated, undemocratic arrangement. In the meantime the UK government should put a freeze on implementing any more of the mad EU rules.  
Sammy Wilson M.P. 
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