Brexit 8

Minister Gives Border Assurances


During a debate in the House of Commons in October on the Government position regarding negotiations on leaving the EU Sammy said ;
I welcome the commitment by the Government to fully discuss this issue with devolved administrations and can assure him that the DUP First Minister will cooperate with him to ensure a speedy and successful exit from the EU.
It is clear that those who seek to hide behind the rhetoric of parliamentary Scrutiny demanding that every step be debated and agreed by Parliament are either seeking to overturn the result of the referendum which they never wanted in the first place and whose result they refuse to accept or undermine the negotiations to get us out of the EU by publically squabbling over our bottom line on the floor of the house.
The job of the Government in light of the referendum result is to gain the right to make our own laws, regain control over who comes to live in the UK, ensure that we alone decide how our tax revenue is spent and negotiate fair trading arrangements between the UK and the EU countries.
The Minister in his reply gave the assurance that the government was determined to work with the government of the Irish Republic to ensure that trade and movements of people between N.I. and the Republic were not disrupted as a result of our leaving the EU and indicated that there would not be a return to border posts.
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