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Sammy Supports Jordan Victory Church Food Bank

Sammy has given his support to Jordan Victory Church and the food bank which they operate in the Carrickfergus area.

Visiting Tesco's on 2 December 2016 where he witnessed the generosity of the public in Carrickfergus who have provided tonnes of food over the past year, Sammy said "It was good to see that at a time of the year that was usually identified with commercialism and spending money on gifts etc that people were still generous towards those who were left in straitened circumstances, because of no fault of their own".

Jordan Victory Church and the many volunteers who work in the food bank have done a magnificent job in the Carrickfergus area over the last year and I believe that the practical demonstration of their Christian faith has been a life line to many people in the area.

I would encourage the public to make whatever donations of food they can to the food bank and I know that all donations will be greatly received in the run up to Christmas.
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