Constituency 2

Sammy Queries Frequency Of Mobile Safety Camera On The A8 Coming Into Larne. 

Sammy said that he was surprised at how much attention had been given to this area and felt that the reason was that because it was a downhill stretch of road, it was easy for driver’s to enter the 40 mph speed limit whilst still driving over 40 mph and that this was a good revenue raising position for the Road Safety Partnership.
In the last 6 months, according to figures given to me, there have been 20 visits to the site just inside the 40 mph limit and 341 people have received fines and penalty points for exceeding the speed limit at this location. I have had complaints from a number of constituents who feel that the location has been chosen because it is an easy place to target motorists and even though there is not a huge safety issue at this point on the road because of the geography of the area and the proximity of the point where the van usually sits at the 40 mph limit the likelihood of being caught over the speed limit is quite high.
While road safety is an important issue in dealing with people who wantonly disregard speed limits is something which needs to be addressed, it is important that those enforcing the law are not seen to be acting in a way which is more about revenue raising than enforcing good driving practices.
In the past there have been reports that speed detection vans and those who man them being attacked in certain areas of the country, especially in Republican areas, and one would hope that as a result of the activity of action taken against speed detection vans in areas where the Police are less prevalent that Unionist areas would not be heavily policed simply because it is easier to do so.
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