Constituency 5

Sammy Welcomes Decision By The Department Of Infrastructure  
Sammy has welcomed the decision by the Department of Infrastructure to look again at the installation of traffic lights at the junction between North Road and Marshallstown Road in Carrickfergus.
This is a junction that has been frequently brought to my attention by constituents and given the additional housing development along the North Road and also the Marshallstown Road traffic volumes have been increasing at this location.
Previously the Department of Infrastructure had indicated that given the history of accidents, traffic volumes, queues at this location it was not deemed necessary to install traffic lights. Clearly the situation is changing, delays are getting longer and there is greater danger of accidents because of the frustration which drivers are experiencing and as a result the Department of Infrastructure has now agreed to carry out another survey of the junction when the schools go back in September/October.
I hope that this will result in a sensible decision to install traffic lights at this location as a means of easing the traffic congestion and making the junction safer for the thousands of motorists who use it every day.
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