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Sammy Welcomes Action On Children In Calais Camp But Demands Tough Response To People Trafficers 

Speaking in the House of Commons in October Sammy welcomed the genuine and determined actions which the home secretary was taking to deal with the many children stranded in the immigrant camp at Calais and who had family living in the UK. It is right that there should be compassionate action taken to allieviate the suffering and danger which these children are experiencing and I know that many of my constituents support the government on this issue.
However if we are not to have hundreds more such children in a few months it is important that the government take action to deal with the criminal gangs which are making millions of pounds in exploiting the vulnerability and misery of these people. It is important that the government take steps to impose stiffer sentences on these purveyors of misery, sieze their ill gotten gains, close down their routes into Europe and across Europe and cooperate with other countries to destroy their international network of criminals.
It is amazing that some of the vile human trafficers recently caught in Northern Ireland did not even get custodial sentences, had been involved in crime in two other EU countries yet were allowed to set up business in Northern Ireland and to my knowledge have not had their assets seized. A message must be sent to these thugs that they will be stamped on hard or else we will be continually facing horrendous and emotive problems of refugees for many years in the future. We must also ask why when they reach the safety of Fance and other EU countries they still gravitate towards the UK.   

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