Westminster 22

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Sammy Meets Representatives 
Of UK Fishermen

Sammy, who is a member of the Brexit Select Committee at Westminster met with a delegation of Scottish Fishermen in the House of Commons to discuss their wishes for the outcome of negotiations to leave the EU.
The betrayal of the fishing industry in the UK as a result of our EU membership is nothing short of scandalous and thankfully Brexit gives us the opportunity to regain control over the valuable resource and resurrect this vital coastal industry. Our surrender to the Common Fisheries Policy has resulted in the UK keeping the lights on in many coastal communities other than our own. The operation of the CFP has been devastating for many coastal towns and resulted in billions of fish being thrown back dead into the ocean, an environmental disaster. While we control 60% of the EU fishing grounds we are only allowed to catch 14% of the allocated fish.
It is important that as we leave the EU and the CFP there is no negotiating away of any rights of access to our waters. Fishing rights must not be traded for concessions in other sectors of the economy. This ensures UK control of our waters and fishing stocks in the long run and ability to manage stocks and would enable the UK to do the same as Norway when it comes to the management of this renewable resource.
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