June 8 Elections 1

June election An Opportunity For Unionists To Give Gerry Adams His Answer

Sammy advised : 
The political necessities of the Prime Minister has given the people of Northern Ireland the opportunity to slap down Gerry Adams and his triumphalist crew and burst their balloon of inflated republican demands. Many Unionists have expressed their anger at the way in which Sinn Fein have tried to use their veto over the forming of an Executive to demand an expensive, intrusive and divisive Irish Language Act along with legislation to persecute members of the security forces who stood between Adams and his bunch of terrorists over 40 years of the troubles. June 8th will give Unionists the chance to rally around the Union standard by voting for the only Unionist Party capable of standing up to Adams and beating Sinn Fein.
At the same time the PM has made it clear that her aim in this election is to get a mandate to take forward the will of the people of the UK to leave the EU. As the only Northern Ireland Party at Westminster to give her total support in that aim, those who voted to leave and those who had a different view but want an end to the uncertainty about the future, have the opportunity to return DUP candidates who are committed to delivering Brexit.
Although the DUP increased its vote at the Assembly election just past and remain the largest party, Sinn Fein arrogantly took their increased vote as a right to ram their policies down the throats of everyone and have employed political blackmail to achieve that end. June 8th gives an opportunity to show that Unionists will not be cowed by them.    


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