June 8 Elections 3

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir Sinn Fein's Snake Oil Salesman

Ó Muilleoir’s rage against the proposed budget issued by the Secretary of State yesterday is one of the most hypocritical outbursts of rhetoric ever witnessed in a place where those type of utterances are so commonplace.
We only have this proposed budget because Ó Muilleoir failed to do his job as Finance Minister last autumn and then his Party brought down the Assembly leaving a budget vacaum which has thrown public services and businesses into chaos. The reason no budget was ever proposed by Ó Muilleoir of course is because he had no idea as to how he was going to finance the Sinn Fein wish list and promises so he dodged the issue as I predicted, left the job to the British Government and then has the cheek to lay the blame at their door.
Like the snake oil salesmen of the Wild West he thinks that the public are so gullible that they will be taken in by his faux outrage and promises that not only will Sinn Fein resist these cuts but will add hundreds of millions of pounds of additional expenditure to the budget. If ever there was a clear signal that Sinn Fein will do everything possible to prevent devolution from happening it was Ó Muilleoir’s response to the budget and his failure to grasp the budget nettle when he did have the ability to do so because devolution would expose them for the frauds they are.
I have argued all along that the Executive did not fall because of the RHI scandal. That was easily fixed and indeed has been fixed and should never have been a reason to create a constitutional crisis. The scheme will overspend by £1000m in GB every year by 2020 but it hasn’t caused the government to fall. RHI was a convenient escape hole for Sinn Fein who are not fit to be in Government because they are incapable of responsible decision making. As with welfare reform they will let the hated Brits make the important decisions and sit and carp and whinge from the side lines moaning about their victimhood.
It is significant that the tame interviewers of the BBC did not once confront Ó Muilleoir about how he would finance his spending wish list or why, if he was so appalled by the direction taken by austerity Tories, he allowed them into the driving seat in the first place. The public should not swallow the Sinn Fein’s slippery snake oil salve for our economic challenges. Hopefully they will see these charlatans for what they are.  


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