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Call Off Political Witch Hunt Against Security Force Members 
Who Served In N.I. 

Sammy welcomes the decision of the defence minister to stop the harassment of army personnel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and who have been subject to a witch hunt by money grabbing lawyers and opportunistic individuals in those countries. However it is a disgrace that the decision has not extended to members of the security forces who forty years after serving in Northern Ireland are subject to the same harassment. The PSNI have admitted that 30% of their legacy case load involves members of the security forces even though less than 10% of deaths were as a result of security force action.
This sop to Sinn Fein and its supporters must be stopped. It is important to identify who is driving it. Is it the Attorney General, the Director of Public Prosecutions, the top echelons of the PSNI and it’s they must be made to justify their actions.
Secondly who is determining the way in which cases are investigated. The latest soldier to be arrested is a 74 year old who is ill and was involved in an incident over 40 years ago. He has been cleared twice yet his case has once again been reopened. His local police raided his home in the early morning, he was brought to Northern Ireland for questioning and had stiff bail conditions imposed. Who took the decision to treat him like this. Why could he not have been asked to present himself to his local police. Why could the police in Northern Ireland not have gone to England to question him. Where was a 74 ill man going to run to.
Was it the PSNI who decided that this is how he was to be treated. If so how can they justify giving Gerry Adams the choice of when he presents himself for questioning and where but not an ex soldier? Were the instructions given by the DPP and if so why did he dictate such terms? The PSNI are getting the blame they are being seen as acting in a way to placate Sinn Fein. If that is the case they have many questions to answer if they are being instructed then others have to explain why they have instructed as they have.
After the election which Sinn Fein have called to enable them to blackmail the British Government, the pressure to get more soldiers and policemen into the dock will increase. The Government must make it clear that the support they have given to those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan will also be given to those who served in Northern Ireland and end the republican inspired witch hunt now.  


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