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From Dirty Dancing To Dirty Politics That's The Alliance Party 

Yesterday Naomi Long revealed that her favourite film was Dirty Dancing today it has been revealed that the party she leads has been engaged in Dirty Politics and that she was fully aware of its plans to hi jack the BBC Talkback programme with fake callers and easy questions in order to avoid then her having to face difficult questions from the public. While she and the BBC fume about Donald Trump and his “fake news” both have tolerated fake people and fake questions without a murmur.
The fact that the Alliance party has blatantly told its supporters to lie about their names, locations and political allegiances’ in order to get on to the BBC programme with their tame and planted question, should be the cause of outrage especially by the organisation which was so targeted yet the left leaning liberal friendly Alliance supporting BBC has not made any comment about the abuse of its programmes and the democratic process by a party which preaches to everyone else about honesty, transparency and decent standards in politics. This massive scandal has simply gone over the heads of the biased and twisted controllers of the BBC just as the stories about Sinn Fein’s role in encouraging its supporters to abuse the RHI scheme and their role in extending it to facilitate them did.
It is hard to judge which are the more rotten of the two, the scheming Alliance Party or the conniving and cooperative BBC. What is clear, the Alliance Party wished to avoid questions about their support for the Irish Language, their ‘U’ turns on issues like gay marriage and abortion which Naomi Long had made public commitments on in order to secure votes before the Westminster election which she won, their role in cooperating with Sinn Fein to remove the Union flag from Belfast City Hall, the United Ireland support by its leading members, and the accusations of racism and ageism by long serving councillors. No wonder they wanted fake people and fake questions instead of a real engagement with the electorate.   
They may be protected by the biggest news provider in Northern Ireland which no doubt will maintain its silence on this scandal or at best pay lip service by a mention of it however on 2nd March it will not be able to manufacture fake votes and hopefully the real people who Naomi Long and her Party sought to avoid listening to and answering will give their verdict on the party of Dirty Politics.


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