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Sammy Says : Adams Shows What Life Under 
The Sinn Fein Jackboot Will Be Like

As the DUP predicted, the terrorist celebrating Michelle O’Neill, is not in charge of the Sinn Fein team at Stormont it is the “I was never in the IRA” Gerry Adams who is running the show and every interview he gives reveals just what that show is going to be like under the jackboot of a triumphalist Sinn Fein.
While the weasel words of equality, respect, and integrity are trotted out ad nauseum , Adams demands show the true intolerant, arrogant and imperious nature of the party which for years imposed terror on the people of Northern Ireland.
First of all they want to dictate who they will work with from the DUP ignoring the fact that despite all the unfair BBC and media propaganda against her Arlene Foster has led the DUP through an election which gave the party its biggest vote ever.
Then the Sec of State became Adams next target. Sinn Fein don’t like his defence of soldiers so he won’t be acceptable to them as the chairman of any talks.
The next target is the policemen and army personnel who served in Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein want the Stormont House agreement reinterpreted in a way which suits them so that security personnel can be dragged out of their beds, into the courts so that the party of the terrorists can rewrite the history of their murder campaign.
We cannot change this election result but we can stop Sinn Fein jackbooting its way through these talks and will do so, in the meantime it is important that all decent people who must be appalled at the arrogance of Sinn Fein make sure that they are registered to vote and at the next opportunity use that vote to ensure that the political institutions genuinely reflect the views of the whole population and Sinn Fein belligerence is deal a body blow.   


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