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Sammy Condemns Carrick Violence 

Sammy has condemned the violence which has taken place in Carrickfergus leaving a doorman at a pub seriously injured and another man dead after being shot in broad daylight. It would seem that both incidents are related and the fact that guns have been brought out would signify a serious escalation in an intra paramilitary dispute.
As a result fear has been brought back into communities and there is a real danger of people with no association with this long running dispute being caught up in the crossfire and the violence. In the meantime considerable police resources are again being absorbed to deal with this violence and the communities in which this is happening are experiencing all the disruption of heavy security presence.
There is little point in appealing to those involved to cease their activities, they have shown no regard for the impact of their activities in the past but I would hope that the law would be enforced vigorously in order to bring those involved to justice. It is good that the police were able to make arrests so quickly and hopefully this will help de-escalate the situation.


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