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Trump's Energy Policy Raises Important Issues For The UK
Sammy says: 
Donald Trump, the US President, has wisely overturned the energy and climate change policies of Barak Obama. The mad policy of turning its back on the cheap energy resources available in the USA costs jobs, devastated mining communities, made the USA dependent on unreliable foreign suppliers or high cost renewable suppliers, all problems which the UK and Northern Ireland have faced because the same climate change policies were introduced by successive UK Governments.
Already energy prices have plummeted in USA because of shale gas production and the amount of fracking which has been allowed, that trend will now continue and energy experts are predicting oil prices falling to $20 per barrel. If our industries are to remain competitive then the UK must follow. Leaving the EU with its climate change obsessed energy policies opens the door to opportunities to rethink the way we generate energy using our bountiful coal, oil and gas reserves.
The current policy of pursuing wind, solar, tide and biomass energy production some of these methods costing 40 times the cost of generating electricity from gas, will become even less tenable as the US brings in an era of cheap energy.
Secure cheap energy supplies are the basis of prosperity for every economy Donald Trump’s decision has hastened the need for us to rethink the way we generate our energy in future.


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