Statements 19

Sammy Condemns Larne Attacks 

Sammy has condemned the violence which has affected Larne over the Easter period. Apart from the bad publicity these actions have brought to the town the impact of the violence has been felt by the wider community because people fear that they and their property will also be affected by the war between the two criminal gangs who are now involved in tit for tat violence against each other.
The police have clearly identified the two groups involved and the ringleaders and it would help to squash this war if they were removed if only to be held for questioning so taking them out of circulation to allow things to cool down. I have been contacted by neighbours of some of those attacked and they are obviously scared that they will either be targeted wrongly or be caught in the crossfire.
Some of those involved have been at the heart of criminal activity in Larne and the surrounding area they are well known as hard core criminals who have caused hardship through their thievery and violence now their internecine warfare is causing more misery.
It is important that the police step up their presence in the area and especially keep the members of these gangs under surveillance.


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