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Sammy Says Ignore N.I.s Women Against Democracy

Sammy says Ignore N.I.s women against democracy. That's What the American President is doing that's what we all should do.
How embarrassing is it that Belfast should be associated with the democracy hating bunch of bad losers who staged protests in American against the election of Donald Trump. Though maybe we shouldn’t be surprised because I suspect that the same crowd who expressed their opposition to the free vote which took place fort the American President would have equally been at home with those who are calling for the vote to leave the EU to be overturned.
It is the one common threat that runs through the behaviour of the so-called left wing liberals in whatever guise they present themselves – their intolerance of any views but their own and their willingness to set aside democractic decisions when the outcome is something different than what they demand. Their usual defence is that those who voted are ignorant/uneducated/bigoted/ racist/ or thugs. God forbid that the explanation should be that there are lots of people who see the world and the solutions to its problems in a way which does not coincide with their own inflated opinions.
Not that Donald Trump will lose much sleep over the opinions of the Belfast bunch of democracy haters just as he has mocked the protesters in his own country. And therein lies the problems for his detractors. Finally we have a world leader who doesn’t give a thought to political correctness and who is impervious to the criticisms of the media, the luvvies in the celebrity world and all the other bastions of political correctness. No wonder they are going apoplectic and it is a wonderful sight to see.
Given the warm disposition which the American President is already demonstrating towards the UK and the admiration which he has for our decision to break away from the EU and seek the advantages of a truly global economy, we in Northern Ireland ought to be examining how we can capitalise on his offer to put us to the top of the queue in looking for new trading relationships instead of joining the sulking losers of America’s left wing. He is showing, that despite his understandable claim to put jobs in America as his first preference, he also sees the advantage of sound trading deals. American companies already know the value of investment in Northern Ireland if we have a President who wants a formal deal with the UK then we are in a good position to benefit.
So forget the antics of the Belfast branch of the women against democracy and lets look to how the new President can help us develop our economy.


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