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Sinn Fein's Border Scare Election Tactics Torpedoed By EU Chief Negotiator 

Sinn Fein’s election lie that a Brexit will lead to border fences , customs posts and disruption of people and trade was exposed as nonsense yesterday by the EU’s Michelle Barnier in his visit to Dublin and the subsequent remarks by the Irish Foreign secretary. Those of us who campaigned for our freedom from Brussels rule have always said that such claims were dishonest yet for party political reasons those parties which advocated continued Brussels rule keep repeating them despite all the evidence against them.
First of all the UK government and once it comes down to negotiations EU governments are going to want a free trade deal which disrupts their economies, employment and trade patterns as little as possible. Since we are starting from a position of similar standards, established markets and common interest this objective should be easily achieved.
Secondly where checks are required this can be done using electronic means at various points inside our respective countries. We all currently travel on toll roads in the republic, have movements checked and bills issued without ever having to be stopped because of Vehicle Recognition Technology. I have recently met with a N.I. based firm which are currently engaged in looking at how this kind of traceability would be applied to trade in goods after Brexit takes place and the UK government has already given assurance that whatever investment is needed will be undertaken.
Thirdly the experience of other countries outside the EU Customs Union would confirm that free trade can be carried on without disruption.
As far as the free movement of people is concerned the Free Travel Area arrangements already in place a set to continue will deal with this issue.  
The main problem in reaching an agreement will be the attitudes adopted by those involved in making the decisions. Mr Barnier referred to this yesterday in his call for calm, respect and coolness by those involved in the decisions words which should be noted by the truculent, arrogant, hostile ill tempered Jean Claude Junckers and Donald Tusk .
Thankfully Sinn Fein will be nowhere near these negotiations or even the discussions in Westminster since those who vote for them are wasting votes on people who refuse to do the job they are elected to, so their only contribution will be to whinge and complain from the side lines about outcomes which all the evidence shows will never happen. The sad thing is that their terrorist friends will use their election rhetoric to justify any campaign of violence which they decide to pursue but on past records Sinn Fein will see that as a further negotiating lever.

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