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Sinn Fein & Corbyn Are Fit Bedfellows In Condoning Murder
Jeremy Corbyn and the cabal of left leaning apologists for a variety of terrorists who surround him have rightly been pilloried for their support for IRA terrorists and their attempts to pass on responsibility for the murder carried out by such people unto the British Government. Enniskillen was due to the fact that the Government sent troops to defend the people of N.I. from IRA terrorists and the young people of Manchester were blown up because the UK Government intervened against terrorists who committed the vilest atrocities against Christians and Muslims with whom they disagreed in the Middle East.
His warped view of the world has rightly earned him the anger of the people of the UK but we should not forget that there are equally warped and evil people standing for election in Northern Ireland. They first invented the excuses for murder which Corbyn merely echoed. Shoppers were blown to pieces, worshippers gunned down, children murdered, captives tortured and Sinn Fein defended those who carried out these deeds and are putting some of them forward for election to institutions in Northern Ireland. Indeed they boast that in this election they will become the largest Party and demand a referendum take Northern Ireland out of the UK, something they sought to achieve and failed through thirty years of terror. The distain being heaped on Corbyn deserves to be shovelled unto Sinn Fein in equal if not greater measure and the way to do it is to ensure that their objective of using this election as part of the process to break the union between Northern Ireland and Great Britain does not succeed.
Those who value the Union and don’t want the apologists for murder to succeed have it within their ability to stop Sinn Fein by coming out in a way they haven’t done before and voting for the DUP the only Unionist Party which can match and beat Sinn Fein in votes gained and seats won. We cannot stop Sinn Fein obtaining votes from those who for whatever reasons are happy to endorse their black past and present arrogance but we can more than counter those votes because there is still a Unionist majority in Northern Ireland if Unionist voters choose to exercise their vote.
Just as Corbyn will reap the harvest of his past, sympathy for terroriusts on the 8th June let Unionists of all shades ensure that the Sinn Fein Corbynites face the same fate.


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