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Why Can O'Neill Not Also Condemn IRA Killers?

 All right thinking people and politicians are bound to condemn the horrific events in London last night and give full support to all measures to root out the evil doers who perpetrate such murders. Given that hundreds of Muslim terrorists were able to go to Syria to be trained and practice their trade of terror and then be allowed back into our country instead of having their citizenship revoked, the task of containing this threat is going to be extremely difficult.
The war against these monsters will be long and is going to require grit determination and resilience. The real test for those who have reacted with horror to the events on London and Manchester will come as legal measures and actions by the security services require public and political backing. Will some of those who are condemning the terrorists today recoil from the action required to stamp them out.
We know where Michelle O’Neill and her party will be. They brought the same horror to the streets of London many times over the past decades, killing innocent shoppers, murdering tourists, destroying property and even this week before last night’s events senior members of her party refused to condemn those who carried out such acts. Indeed Sinn Fein condemned the imprisonment of those condemned in murder, negotiated letters of amnesty for them and O’Neill unashamedly celebrates them. Words of condemnation mean little when the self same middle eastern terrorists were IRA allies in training republicans and equipping them for acts of terrorism on the very streets where blood was shed last night.
Northern Ireland goes to the polls this week and Jeremy Corbyn indicates that he would welcome Sinn Fein into a coalition with his party after this election. I hope that unionists across Northern Ireland who are sick and tired of the attempts by Sinn Fein to whitewash the bloody history they have left Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole will turn out in their hundreds of thousands and ensure that the Sinn Fein strategy of expunging their murderous past with condemnations of present day terrorism and history changing inquiries of their past terrorism will not succeed.


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