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Red Faces And Fat Wallets At BBC
Sammy has commented, It is little wonder that the BBC bosses fought a long rearguard battle employing the most spurious of arguments to avoid publishing the amounts it pays to its fat cat employees. The fact that nearly one hundred employees in the organisation funded by a poll tax on the poor are paid more than the Prime Minister and the First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland added together, is a national disgrace.
This organisation whose presenters, interviewers and programme managers demand transparency, fairness and honesty from those who it investigates and questions have been caught out discriminating on the grounds of sex and even after claiming to publish its payments have been shown to be engaged in an attempt to hide all the payments which are made to its employees.
On top of past exposures about tax avoiding scams, big payoffs for cronies, wasteful expenditure we now have this wage scandal.
Of course it is true of all left wing liberal organisations that they treat public money with contempt and abandon believing that rules of proprietary and prudence shouldn’t apply to them This is just another example of the champagne socialism which permeates many public sector organisations and is yet another reason why the unfair licence fee ought to be abolished and the BBC made to earn its money rather than it be gifted to it from those who often cannot pay.
The many thousands of poor people who have been criminalised as thej BBC dragged them through the courts for failure to pay the licence they couldn’t afford will quite rightly be angry that they were abused in this way to fill the pockets of this bunch of elite broadcasters.


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