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UK Should Not Cave In To EU Extortion
Sammy has said that he agrees with those members of the Conservative Party who have expressed their anger at Civil Service attempts to drive forward a plan to pay £36bn to the EU in order to satisfy the pride of Juncher, Barnier and all those other Eurocrats who have thrown a fit because the people of the U.K. Took a decision to exercise their freedom and vote to leave the EU.
Of course we will be obliged to pay any legal obligations which we have but the EU has never justified one penny of its blackmail demand and there is considerable legal opinion including a House of Lords report which says we have no legal obligation to pay anything and any payment is more likely to be a political consideration.
That being the case until we see how serious the EU is about resolving the trade issue we should be making no commitments and they certainly should not be made without the approval of Ministers and Parliament.
It is bad enough that there are some politicians who seem to want to undermine the Prime Minister's determination to stand up to the angry arrogant leaders in the EU without civil servants doing the same.
Whilst negotiating positions need to be discussed it is scandalous that they should then be leaked in order to set the agenda and undermine the negotiations which our ministers have to undertake.


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