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Now We Have Hoovers Which Can’t Lift Dirt Thanks To The EU
From today the people of the UK and the rest of the EU will be forced to buy anaemic vacuum cleaners which silently glide over our floors unable to suck up dirt and dust with the same vigour and strength of the hoovers of old all because of an EU directive designed to save the world from a global warming threat which has failed to materialise of the last 17 years despite rising levels of CO2.
Dirtier houses today for a cooler planet in one hundred years’ time seems to be the basis of this restriction on what we are allowed to buy, and kettles which take longer to boil are on the environmental agenda as well.
This will save energy we are told and so reduce our household electricity bills as well as influence the world’s climate !! It is amazing that those who devise this policy have been responsible for adding £140 to the average domestic electricity bill through their insistence on closing cheap coal fired power stations and producing electricity from expensive wind turbines and solar panels.
If we are really interested in reducing fuel poverty then instead of preventing consumers from buying the kind of vacuum cleaner most suited to their needs we should be looking at the energy policy which has caused electricity prices to soar and leaves us with a power supply subject to the whims of the wind.


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