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Sinn Fein Turn Their Backs On Stormont
Sinn Fein won't go to Westminster and now turn their back on Stormont why should anyone bother voting for them
The speed with which Sinn Fein have rejected Arlene Foster’s plan to break the Assembly deadlock shows that Adams, O’Neill and their Party have no interest in restoring the Northern Ireland Assembly. One would have thought that even to appear reasonable they would have offered to sit down and discuss the parameters of any cultural proposal, a likely timetable for its conclusion and a means for determining the support which is could obtain. But instead all that has been given is an immediate refusal to even consider it.
Sinn Fein are telling the people of Northern Ireland that it is their way or no way. Only if they have an Irish language act which discriminates against non Irish speakers, rams their language down the throats of those who have no desire to have their streets, roads and letters written in Irish and costs tens of millions of pounds, will they agree to remove their veto on getting devolved Government. On top of this they want their way on abortion, the definition of marriage, the persecution of police and army personnel and the veto on Arlene Foster the leader of the biggest Party by far in Northern Ireland serving as First Minister. They are not a serious Party, they are a bunch of bullying tyrants who clearly don’t understand the meaning of democratic discourse.
The result of their intransigence is that important issues affecting jobs, the economy, health and education are left without any action being taken. There is £1.5bn which the Assembly could be deciding how to spend at a time of cuts to health and education budgets, which currently is not being allocated. Vital decisions and spending on roads, broadband, health reforms, and mental health provision are also left unaddressed. These are issues which affect Sinn Fein voters as well as Unionist voters but it is clear that Sinn Fein are more interested in keeping their hard core activists happy than worrying about the sick, the educationally disadvantaged and the unemployed. Let them suffer so long as Sinn Fein can get their wish of plastering Irish language roads signs all across Northern Ireland.
We now have the spectacle of a Party with 7 MPs who don’t go to their work and 27 MLAs who won’t go to their work, why on earth would anyone vote for such a bunch of malingerers !!   


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