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If Sinn Fein Had Any Decency They Would Sack McElduff

Sammy says, obviously Barry McElduff and Sinn Fein are hoping that the storm of his callous, bigoted, victim mocking, terrorist endorsing video , will blow over if they keep their heads down. Indeed it is significant that given the seriousness of his actions the story has been so quickly dropped by the BBC and others media outlets who would have had at least a two week feeding frenzy had any Unionist behaved in such a way. 

McElduff’s apology has quite rightly been refused by victims. There is no way he could have been unaware of the offence his actions would cause. Even a fool would realise that his choice of bread, the timing of the video was designed to coincide with the anniversary of the Kings Mill massacre. Given how much effort Republicans put into honouring their killers and high profile terrorist actions he couldn’t have forgotten what happened on 5th January on that lonely country road. Yet again the mask has slipped revealing Sinn Fein’s deeply sectarian, and pro terrorist essence. No weasel words or crocodile tears of sham remorse will hide the evil nature of that party and its members. 

McElduff has shown once again why Sinn Fein are not fit to be let through the doors of Stormont let alone into government.


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