Statements 4

America's Immigration Policy Is Its Own Affair 

Speaking from Westminster Sammy said :
Despite what people may think of the details of the immigration restrictions introduced by President Trump or the chaotic way in which they have been administered the fact remains that he campaigned on this policy and millions of Americans voted for it because they saw it as a way of keeping their country safe.
Whatever policy Americans decide to implement is their own business and just as we in the UK resented the interference of the EU on our immigration policy and voted to free ourselves from that interference so the Americans have every right to exercise freedom in their policy choices. It is hypocritical of those on the Labour benches and the SNP to call for President Trump to be refused a state visit because of his policy on immigration when they have cosied up to some of the bloodiest dictators and most oppressive regimes across the world.
President Trump is the head of the biggest democracy and our most powerful ally and of course he must be welcomed to the UK later this year though I agree that he should be spared any lectures on climate change by the CO2 king in waiting, Prince Charles.

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