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SNP Sinn Fein In Kilts 

Sammy says, the refusal of SNP leaders to condemn and contradict the views of their MSP John Mason that the cold blooded murderers of the three young Scottish soldiers abducted and shot in the head in 1971 is nothing short of scandalous.
Apart from the fact that the SNP have turned their backs on the families of the three young men who have never seen justice for the loss of their sons, John Mason has accepted that their murderers could be described as freedom fighters and called into question whether or not they were “doing good” in Northern Ireland. Despite his claims that he didn’t want to take sides the fact is that given his outrageous views he has taken sides and has sided with cold blooded murder.
Of course every Party has its nut cases who speak before they think but surely it is the duty of a Party of Government to show some solidary with the citizens of its country who join the armed forces of that country to defend it against those who would do damage to the country and the people who live in it.
Either the SNP believe they have no such duty to those who join the army because it is the British Army or else they put their pursuit of their nationalist cause at such a high priority that they find common cause with other anti British groups, regardless of the methods used by them the terror carried out and the bloody deeds perpetrated.
Their silence and the words of their MSP links them clearly with the IRA and Sinn Fein. They have shown themselves as nothing less that Sinn Fein in kilts. Every time Angus Robertson stands up to express his Party’s sympathy for a soldier who loses their life somewhere in the world the question will always hang in the air how sincere is he when his Party is so selective in its approach to murdered soldiers. It seems that the SNP will tip toe round without causing any offence to Irish Republicans even if this means insulting and hurting its own constituents.   


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