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Sammy Says The Assembly Election Reopens Brexit Debate 

Sinn Fein’s so called diplomatic offensive to ensure that Northern Ireland stays in the EU and the SDLP’s claim in Westminster that special EU status for Northern Ireland will be central to any negotiations on setting up the Assembly mean that not only do Nationalists want a rerun of the Assembly elections which they lost but are trying to rewrite the outcome of the EU referendum which they also lost.
Special EU status for Northern Ireland when the UK leaves the EU would not only leave Northern Ireland with all the disadvantages of being an EU member but would detach Northern Ireland from the UK, something which Sinn Fein and the SDLP cannot achieve through the ballot box but hope to achieve through EU membership.
The SDLP wreaking amendments which were comprehensively defeated at Westminster on 6 February, a defeat which the DUP were proud to have played a part in, are an indication of the kind of demands which may be made by that Party post the election as they attempt to blackmail the Government. Sinn Fein are in competition with the SDLP to prove that they are even more committed to keeping Northern Ireland in the EU. However their pathetic diplomatic offensive is little more than an attempt to fool the remain voters that they are doing something to rewrite the referendum result.
The truth is that the future status of Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole and our relationship with the EU will be determined by the British Government not by some EU official and the Government has made it clear we are leaving the EU completely and there will be no special status for Northern Ireland.
Those who voted to leave the EU and those who voted to remain but now want certainty rather than ongoing political guerrilla warfare to try and undo the result should vote DUP in the Assembly elections to ensure that the strength of those who are seeking to keep us in the EU and split us off from the rest of the UK is minimised in negotiations.


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