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What Is A Member Of Parliament?

Members of Parliament are elected by constituents to the House of Commons to represent the interests and concerns of all the people who live in their constituency and will work for their constituents whether they voted for them at the General Election or not. MP’s have a strict protocol to adhere to, that they are only able to deal with problems and concerns from people in their own constituency. They are not allowed to take queries from the constituency of another Member of Parliament.

MP's debate, consider and vote on legislation. They can also ask questions from Government Ministers regarding issues of concern.

Members of Parliament split their time between working in Parliament and working in the constituency. In Parliament, MP's spend their time working for the interests of their constituents. They attend debates in the chamber in Westminster and then they vote on whatever legislation is being discussed. They also serve on Committees in Westminster. In the constituency, MP's have regular advice surgeries for their constituents. They also attend meetings and community events, as well as visiting local organisations and businesses.

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