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Sammy Meets With Local Businesses Supporting Improvement Of Traceability In The Farming Industry 

During a presentation at Westminster by Nat West on the future of the farming industry and how young farmers can be supported to enter an invigorated farming sector, Sammy met with representatives from Arc-net, an IT firm which employs fifty people in Northern Ireland specialising on traceability of livestock.

This is a major issue and the success of a strong export industry depends upon reliable tracing of the livestock produced on farms and processed in our factories. It is also an expending global industry as countries across the world pay more attention to the safety of the food they import and therefore has an important role to play in the expansion of our farming and food processing sectors.

The innovative products, continued collaboration with Queens University in researching new ways of improving their service and the investment in new accommodation and employment in Northern Ireland is welcome and a tribute to the local management and their commitment to Northern Ireland. It is important, given the potential in this field, that Invest NI and the Department of Agriculture do everything to harness the potential for new jobs and the help which the products they have developed can be to the Northern Ireland economy.

Technology in farming can help increase productivity, open new markets for our products and improve farm safety. As a member who serves a constituency with a large rural population I welcome the interest which Nat West have taken in the issues affecting the future of the industry.
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