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Sammy Raises Biased Approach To Coverage Of 
Assembly Elections By The BBC.

During business questions in the House of Commons on 23 February 2017, Sammy raised the biased approach to the coverage of the Assembly elections by the BBC.

He said: The leader of the House will be aware that an Assembly election is being held in Northern Ireland at the moment.

This week it has been revealed that the "even more holier than thou" sister party of the Liberal Democrats - The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland , has been using a secret Twitter account to encourage its members to manipulate BBC phone-in programmes by giving fake names, fake addresses and lying about their political affiliations, a tactic which they claimed worked well in previous elections.

Instead of being outraged by this abuse by the Alliance party the BBC hardly reported the underhand actions and instead laughed them off. This is but one example of the partisan manner in which this publicly funded body has covered the Assembly elections.

Can we have a debate on the political bias of the BBC and its breach of its charter obligations.

Although a debate was not agreed the leader of the House did indicate that the BBC had to be even-handed in its coverage and BBC NI had to take responsibility for its editorial decisions.
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