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Sammy Questions Defence Minister About Security Lapses

During a debate in the House of Commons on 23 February 2017 Sammy questioned the Defence Minister about lapses in security which allowed suicide bomber Jamil al-Harith to slip out of the U.K. to join ISIL.

Sammy said: It is regrettable that the Labour Party, which lobbied so intensively for the release of this terrorist in 2004, has expressed no regret about the role which they played in ensuring he was free to murder and also pocket £1m of taxpayers money.

However since the government knew that this dangerous man was on the loose can he explain why surveillance on him was so slack that he was able to leave the country with a wad of money to fund terrorist activities and then go on to kill many people.

We are so focused on the rights of terrorists it is little wonder that there is public outrage that we compensate them with public money and are scared to restrict their movements for fear of being accused of harassing them.
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