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£450m Loss Per Year On Renewable Energy Scheme 
And No Interest From The BBC
It has been confirmed by The Times newspaper today that a renewable energy scheme using wood pellets to generate electricity has produced a loss to the public purse of £450m. This is due to a decision made by the disgraced Liberal Democrat Energy Minister Chris Hulme to convert a coal fired power station to wood pellets in order to meet EU renewable energy targets. It is the Westminster version of Northern Ireland’s RHI scheme.
I had raised this on BBC programmes weeks ago but BBC Northern Ireland which was fixated with the £20m per year cost of the RHI scheme in Northern Ireland showed no interest in a story which dwarfed anything happening in Northern Ireland. At least in Northern Ireland the situation was remedied and the excess costs have now been dealt with. In the case of the Drax power station the costs are set to escalate to a loss of £1bn per year by 2025. For those who care about CO2 emissions the conversion from coal to wood pellets imported from America will actually lead to an increase in CO2 emissions of at least 12.5%, so the original objective will not even be achieved.
The only beneficiary of this huge expenditure of public money is the author of the policy, Chris Hulme himself who surprise surprise has landed a plum job with the supplier of the wood pellets. Now that is a story worth investigating. Huge loss of public money, increased CO2 emissions and financial benefit for the person who instigated the policy. Despite the fact that I alerted the BBC to the story weeks ago the journalistic sleuths of Spotlight, the Nolan Show and the View have shown no interest.
Strangely the story hasn’t caused the Government at Westminster to fall either. Is it only in Northern Ireland that mistakes like this generate hysteria and constitutional crisis or is it as I have claimed all along, that the liberal left media which hate the DUP and Sinn Fein who saw an opening to re run the last election at which they lost out, have used this badly run scheme as a means of trying to do political damage to us.
By all means we believe that the RHI scheme and all those involved in it should be investigated, that includes Sinn Fein ministers, but the failure by the nosey media to show any interest in a real scandal calls into question the real motives behind the non stop three month obsession with Northern Ireland’s RHI scheme.       
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