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Sammy Raises Issue Of Public Sector Pay
Speaking in the House of Commons on Wednesday 5 July, during a discussion on public sector pay policy, Sammy, who is the DUP Treasury spokesman said ;
Recent increases in the rate of inflation, the finding of pay review bodies and the closing of the gap between public sector and private sector pay rates has quite rightly resulted in a renewed focus on the pay cap imposed on public sector workers and the need for a pay policy which was fair.
However rhetoric about austerity, and cynical gestures such as the Labour Party’s uncosted and unfinanced amendments to the Queen’s speech last week are no substitute for a full consideration of the tax, borrowing and public expenditure implications of changing the current policy of a cap on public sector wages. An increase in expenditure on higher wages can only be financed by increasing taxes, expanding borrowing which will have to be repaid sometime or reducing spending on some other public service.
Of course it might be that there are compelling reasons for choosing some of these options but before that decision is made there needs to be a full frank and informed discussion of the consequences.
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