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Trump Not To Blame For Crisis On The Korean Peninsula 

Sammy, speaking during a debate on the crisis in the far East in the wake of the neuclear bomb and missile tests in North Korea attacked the Labour Party, SNP and Lib Dems who seemed to be more interested in blaming Donald Trump for the crisis than laying the blame at the door of tyrant Kim Jung Un.
The real culprit in the North Korean dictator and his pursuit of weapons of mass destruction with which to intimidate his neighbours, Donald Trump is our ally and it is a disgrace that those who detest him should use this issue to attack him instead of the mad man who has caused the current instability in the region.
Sanctions against North Korea are likely to have limited success since the deranged and selfish ruler of that country doesn’t care how much his people suffer so long as he can hold on to power and enjoy his comforts.
The fact is that North Korea must be getting help from other nations in developing its neuclear weapons and the missiles capable of delivering them. In the past Iran and Pakistan were identified as two such nations. If these countries can be identified then strict sanctions should be imposed on them this may be a more effective way of stopping this demented man obtaining the means of holding the whole region to ransom.  
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