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 Sammy Attacks BT Record On Internet Coverage  

During Treasury questions in the House of Commons on 24 October 2017 Sammy called on the Government to reconsider its policy of handing all the money it provided for investment in fast Fibre broadband to BT.
Over the years BT has received hundreds of millions of pounds to provide fast broadband coverage across the UK. In my own constituency not just in rural areas but in parts of towns such as Carrickfergus and Larne, broadband speeds are appallingly low, in fact constituents have pointed out that they got faster broadband in some third world countries.
BT are still trying to make their money out of copper wires rather than installing fibre, the firm resists innovation and actively stymies small innovative competitors who need licences to gain access to the fibre network and once a firm shows an interest in an area BT moves quickly to undercut them.
Sammy asked the Minister to consider widening the number of firms which can bid for Government investment in the digital network rather than giving BT a monopoly in the use of the millions of public money put into the building of a digital network.  
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