Brexit 12

 Now Ireland Just Looks Pathetic

Sammy says, it is ironic that a nation which celebrates its success in gaining independence from Britain now demonstrates all the traits of being prepared to bend over backwards to show how loyal an outpost it is for the EU. That’s the only conclusion one can reach as to why the Irish Government is now allowing itself to be used by Barnier, Junckers and Co in their desperate attempts to keep the UK tied to the EU. Ireland has most to lose if as a result of EU intransigence the UK leaves the EU without concluding a trade deal wand reverts to WTO rules yet it is playing a major role in bringing such an outcome about.
Whilst the UK media seeks to present a case of the UK government being on the back foot in negotiations nothing could be further from the truth. The EU faces a severe budget problem when it loses the £8bn net contribution which the UK makes to its inflated spending every year. Contributor nations such as France and Germany are facing electoral resistance to paying out any more, this means that nations like Ireland will become net contributors in future years adding strains to EU relations. The EU is facing leadership problems as Angela Merkel has problems forming a government and the new French leader finds his popularity plunging in the polls. Already the sacred cow of freedom of movement has been challenged by a large number of EU members and they are being threatened with sanctions. The debt problems in Greece, Italy and Spain threaten another Euro and banking crisis and the waves of illegal immigrants from Africa and the middle East continue to put strains on the most vulnerable EU countries in southern Europe.
No wonder the EU negotiators are having nightmares about the UK successfully breaking free of the EU and their desperate strategy is to raise the stakes on the N.I. RoI border. Ireland has now become the pawn in this bigger game and foolishly the fawning Europhiles in the Irish government are obediently playing their part as EU mouthpieces even though the stance they are taking will do untold damage to their own economy which is tied more closely to the UK economy than to the EU economy. Is Ireland really prepared to force the UK into a situation where in March 2019 no deal has been struck, trade becomes conducted on WTO rules and then we are faced with a long period of negotiating a Free Trade Arrangement with the EU at our leisure.
This is the game which is being played the government has made it clear that Single Market and Customs Union membership is not on the negotiations agenda. It is time for this administration to revert to the stance adopted by the Enda Kenny government and look after Irelands interests.    
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