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 Sammy Attacks Foolish Global Warming Policy

Speaking during Business and Energy questions in the House of Commons on Tuesday 12 December 2017 in relation to the Government policy of closing down all the UK’s coal fired power stations by 2025 Sammy said ; 

Major banks have lent £630bn to finance new coal fired power stations many of these will be built in countries which are our economic competitors. What assessment has the Government made of the impact of the closure of these cheap sources of power on the cost of electricity and the international competitiveness of our industries. 

He challenged the Government about the wisdom of a policy which made puny attempts to change the natural cycles which influenced the world’s climate by closing a few coal fired power stations in the UK. He said this policy appeared even more futile and damaging to our economy when for every power station we closed our competitors were gaily building scores more and the banks were happy to finance the building of them.  
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